Different Types of Floor Mats for Your Car

BMW custom floor mats

Your car’s carpet sees more activity than other parts of your vehicle. From sacks of fertilizers in the cargo area to dirty soccer shoes in the front seat, your carpet is under steady assault from spills, wear and tear. With regards to keeping your car clean, the floor normally winds up being the dirtiest. You may vacuum and evacuate dust and debris, however much of the time the carpet area can end up stained and messy from long periods of mishandling. The ideal approach to ensure your vehicle’s carpet is to get a decent pair of Rubber car floor mats.

The car mats broaden the life of the carpet by blocking spills and wear and furnish you with a reasonable method to rejuvenate your interiors. It offers protection and style at the same time. Rock solid elastic floor mats can ordinarily withstand a considerable measure of abuse, from climate conditions, for example, ice, rain, snow, and soil. This will require a minimum investment, but the future of your interior will look great!

We get you the car floor mat types to choose from to keep your car safe and clean:

Carpet Mats:

Such kind of auto floor mats are sewed with quality carpet texture and include different thicknesses that are comfortable but not water-impermeable. They are easy to fit but do not last a long life.  Cannot be easily washed or cleaned.  Carpet mats tend to have a higher wear and tear and a shorter lifespan.

Rubber Mats:

These are the most durable and last for long mats for your car. They are made from Rubber, PVC and various fillers.  Good with harsh conditions, and maintain a water-resistant barrier to your vehicle’s floors.  However, they tend to degrade and fade over time.  So, look for some high-quality rubber mats and the ones that would fit your carpet.

Floor liner mats:

These mats are made of thin plastic.  They do have upturn edges to protect the sides.  Better quality ones will not wrap or flex over time and weather.  They are good to capture a lot of water and act as a tray for your vehicle’s flooring.  The mats have spikes at the back that prevent them from slipping.

High-Grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE):

These car mats are made out of high-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which is similar to a rubber compound but not rubber!  Like rubber, it is flexible and has a good grip which means it won’t curl up or harden, the texture is grippy, but made from non-harmful resin compounds unlike other PVC based car mats.

Road Comfort specially carves out 100% custom fit car floor mats with TPE material which is Californian Prop 65 free, eco-friendly and odorless! It is a lab and field tested. It is an in-house manufactured material.