Our Floor Mats

cutom-fit floor mats

100% custom fit

Road Comforts floor mats are laser scanned and modeled with the latest 3D CAD engineering.  High tech precision CNC machines that are also laser guided are used to create molds which are ±0.03 inches accurate.  Coupled with state of the art manufacturing, Road Comforts delivers a perfect 100% custom fit floor mat.

Custom fit to your floor pan also means it will not move or slide around. No annoying gaps.

Our floor mats are designed to accommodate your existing vehicle’s retention devices such as floor posts, clips or hooks.

Our fit is backed by our 100% money back guarantee policy.


Flex rubber

Elastober – Superior patented compound

Our material is what makes our floor mats exciting.  We developed a high grade vulcanized Elastoberᵀᴹ which is a rubber like compound.  It feels like rubber, it flexes and grips like rubber, the texture is rubbery, but it is not rubber!

Through many years of development, our mats are finished with a supple grippy texture.  In the wet or wild, you want to rely on non-slip thick floor mats to catch you when you step into the vehicle.

Unlike PVC based floor mats, which contain toxic chemical fillers, Road Comfort’s Elastoberᵀᴹ is California Prop 65 free, environmentally friendly and most importantly, odorless!

We source our own raw material.  We manufacture our own resin.  We know what we put into our mats to ensure that your floor mat quality is the best.


Grooved Channels


Road Comfort’s inverted V pattern is subtle and modern.  Revitalizing your car’s interior look.

The PATENTED designed grooved channels are technically designed to divert all liquids away from the top of the floor mat section to the bottom where it belongs.  From water, snow, rain, slush, to soda’s from the drive thru, it can be a catastrophic mess whilst driving.  It will catch and contain all liquids within its border.  The inverted V pattern cleverly drives the water down the mat, channeling it away from high foot traffic areas.

Grooved channels give you the extra thickness.  Including the anti-slip nibs, it is over half an inch of rubber.  One of the thickest mats on the market.  Feel the difference in the quality.




The highest wear and tear on your vehicle’s floor is the heel pad area.  Every mile the vehicle runs, the heel pad is used.  We have incorporated a reinforced heel pad that gives you a large surface area of cushion for a more comfortable driving experience.


Anti-slip nibs

Staysafe™ retention & anti-slip systems

Every inch on the back of every Road Comfort mat is covered with inverse cone shape nibs that are 1/4-inch long and sharp.  This protrudes into your vehicles floor; preventing any directional movement of the floor mat.  Road Comfort mats will not slip nor slide around.


hot and cold temperate

Hot and Cold Climates

Road Comforts is unbeatable compared to other floor mats on the market when it comes to temperature performance.

Laboratory and field tested to 140+ degrees, our mats will not emit any odors.  No foul odor emitting health hazardous chemicals under the hot sun locked inside a car.

In extreme cold temperatures, which exists in many parts of the U.S, our mats will not harden, curl, blister, nor crack!

The pureness of our special vulcanized rubber Elastoberᵀᴹ shows its true performance when exposed to extreme temperatures.