Floor Mat Installation Guide.

We most likely don’t devote much time considering auto floor mats. However, taking into consideration the amount of soil, mud, water, slush you track into your car daily, perhaps you should. All that muck is not great for your car or its resale value. A pair of perfectly-fit flooring mats can radically improve the looks of your vehicle’s interior while also reducing the total amount of wear and tear on your carpet. It is vital that you fit the car mats according to the size of the carpet, you may also have to cut to fit rubber floor mats for that. However, when you compare the expense of a new set of automobile carpet mats into the cost of having a new carpet set up, the floor/carpet mats are an incredible bargain.

Auto mats are available in an assortment of different styles and sizes, so finding the perfect mats for your car or truck is essential. By following a few necessary steps, you can possess vehicle mats installed fast and easy.

Step: 01 – Measure

Every car has a unique carpet area. So, when buying the auto-floor mats, it becomes essential for you to measure the carpet area. To help you do so, get a measuring tape, a paper, a pencil and a scissor. Start with measuring the carpet with the help of the tape, and draw those measurements on the paper. By doing this, you will design a prototype of the car mat for the particular area giving you a better view and idea. Repeat this for every part.

Once done, cut it with scissors, and place those patterns in the car. Keep in mind that there may be slant areas which you need to consider too. Check if the paper covers all areas of the carpet adequately and cut out extra sections of the paper to experiment. After the paper has covered all the areas with the slants included, you can take the final measurements and bring it to a professional car mat maker like Road comforts. This step will resolve much of your doubts of how to fit car mats.

Step: 02 – Style and Type

After you are sure about the measurements of the mat, the next important step is to choose the best style and type of the mat. According to your usage, you can make a choice. You will find standard fit car mats which are used for specific brands of cars and is budget friendly. Improved fit car mats which are designed to fit more nicely as compared to standard fit. Vehicle specific car mats that are specially made for a particular car model. Fully customized car mats can be made as per user’s requests and are made my car mat professionals.

The next thing is to choose the type of car mat – Standard, All-weather, Cargo liners, Carpeted, Rubber, heavy duty, or Metal. Automobile mat type plays a part in learning how vulnerable it is to fluids and how well they remain in place once installed. Also, consider the back of these car mats. You can go for gripper car mats or coated car mats. With Road Comforts, our car mats are non-slip grip and are made of high-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with no odor at all which is made in-house.

Step: 03 – Installation of Car Mats

After you have measured and found the perfect match of car mats, it is time to fix them up. Before you start, ensure that your old mats are removed to prevent doubling the car mats which would eventually result in car mats slipping from the carpet area. Also, it is a good practice to clean the carpet area with a vacuum cleaner so that there is no dust or debris under it. You don’t want to hear the chips wrapper crinkle every time you step into the car.

Now, take each mat and identify which mat would fit each side. Lay the mats and check that it does not come in the way of pedals or seat buckles. Lastly, check if your seats can move freely without affecting the position of your automobile car mats.

We hope that this guide has helped you with the mat-madness. Get started with protecting your vehicle’s floor with 100% customized car mats at Road Comforts!