Finding The Right All Weather Car Floor Mats

All Weather Floor Mats for BMW M3

Are you looking for car floor mats? Well then, you’ve more than likely understood that searching for that perfect pairs of mats is critical. You will find numerous styles, highlights, and brands too, for you to look over, but each mat will have its unique selling point. What will help you choose the right mat is distinguishing your motivation/requirement, and in addition color preferences, your budget and style inclinations, is fundamental in selecting a well-fitted mat. The car mats keep your carpet clean and work as a shield from most of the soil and dirt that gathers on shoes.

Custom Floor Mats

Finding that perfect fitter car mats is a tough thing to do! But, don’t worry, Road Comforts are your car floor mat buying guide! Check out some great services provided to get you nothing but the best.

Tailored Mats:

Road Comforts provides you with 100% custom fit mats. We understand that every user is different, and every car is different. So, why buy something that can’t fit your needs? We provide you 100% money back guarantee of perfectly fitted mats. The mats are laser scanned and made with latest 3D CAD engineering. It is made in such a way that it won’t even move or slide around with no gaps.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) Material:

The Road Comforts car mats are made out of high-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) which is similar to the rubber compound. Like rubber, it is flexible and has a good grip which means it won’t curl up or harden, the texture is rubbery, but it is TPE. This material is not harmful, unlike other PVC based car mats. Road Comfort’s material is Prop 65 free, eco-friendly and odorless! It is a lab and field tested. It is an in-house manufactured material.

Non-Slip Grip + Sharp Nibs + Grooved Channels:

Our material prevents you from slipping; it has a super grippy texture. It gives you grooved channels through its extra thickness. The mats channels to redirect dirt, water, snow or mud away from foot traffic areas. Keeping safety in mind, the car mats are inverse cone shape nibs that are 1/8-inch sharp for extra protection. Which means that the mats won’t slip when you hop in or hop out of the car.

Heel Pad:

The heel pad is a part of the car where there are chances of the highest wear and tear. The heel pad is the most used part of car mats. Road Comforts all weather car mats give you a larger surface area of cushion, so you have comfortable driving experience.