5 Things You Should Always Have in Your Car

Driving has become a daily necessity for many people.  Since is has become such a regular part of our day it is easy to get sloppy when it come to road safety. Thankfully the cars manufactured these days are very reliable.

Nevertheless, while breakdowns may be less common than they were, situations happen.  It is essential to be ready in an urgent situation. This is precisely why it’s vital to hold a car emergency kit in your vehicle at all times.

Most cars now come equipped with basic tire changing stuff like the car jack, a spare tire.  Some come with an emergency tire patch with inflator kit to deal with the flats.  They are great to have in case of a flat or blown tire.

There is a great deal of tried-and-tested tools to have, and even a few lesser-known gadgets and tricks. With one of these useful utilities, you’ll be amazingly cool and smart! Let’s check out the things you should always have in your car no matter what:

1 – Seat-belt Cutter and Window Breaker:

Accidents happen all of the time. It is an unfortunate fact of getting behind the wheel, and there could be times when they are more than only a fender bender.

You’ve got major problems if you don’t have a seat belt cutter and window breaker tool.  Hopefully, you will never need to break in the car windows and cut in the seat belt in emergency cases to save someone. But just in case, wouldn’t it be wonderful to own something that you will need?

Being trapped inside a vehicle after an accident is frightening enough, but to have it occur without the immediate assistance available is nearly as terrifying as it gets. Luckily, this tool comes to your rescue in such situations. Go right on and buy one. They are quite inexpensive and take up barely any space. It is a small price to pay if it means saving your life or of a beloved one.

2 – Jumper Cables:

Knowing how to jumpstart a dead battery is one of the greatest  feelings when it comes to simple car fixes.

Think about it. Your car is dead. You open up its machine and attach a few cables into the insides of a wholesome living automobile, turn on the ignition and sooner than you can yell “IT’S ALIVE.” Your car comes back to life and drives away like a mechanized Frankenstein. If you want to experience that, by all means, keep some jumper cables and a flashlight handy in your vehicle.

3 – Reflectors:

Among the most dangerous areas of being trapped on the side of the street would be the chance of collision with vehicles. Putting reflectors at consecutive distances supporting your car or truck can help warn other motorists and make a buffer between your car or truck and oncoming traffic.

4 – Tow Straps:

Another roadside emergency which happens but is not just break down, it is being stuck in the hefty inclement of weather such as snowy or icy conditions. When driving in wintry conditions, it is essential to take a tow strap or two at the event a fellow driver drives by and provides help.

5 – Cat Litter:

Cat litter is just another handy, environmentally friendly, crisis kit staple. Cat litter is absorbent. If your vehicle becomes trapped in snow, ice, or sand, use a liberal quantity of clutter before and behind the wheels to not just absorb extra moisture but additionally to create optimum traction. It works amazingly well when you distribute it under your tires to give them grip if you ever get stuck in snow, or even sand. Moreover, in all honesty, it does not need to become kitty litter. A bag of rock salt or possibly a considerable part of cardboard can also be useful tools if you are in a situation that is slick.

This is not an exhaustive listing, along with your needs may change. Even though it may seem like a whole great deal, this car essentials list does not occupy much space in your car. Happy and safe driving!