Here’s Everything You Really Need to Know About Custom Floor Mats for Trucks

custom floor mats for trucks

Why Purchase Custom Floor Mats for Trucks?

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the largest investments many people make, and pickup truck sales continue to trend upward. But what’s the point in buying a truck with all the bells and whistles if you are not going to protect it to the fullest?

While you may not give them a second thought at first, one of the most important features for preserving the interior of your truck is the floor mats. You don’t have to – and shouldn’t – settle for a mediocre option.

People are on the road today more than ever. Simply put, you spend a lot of time in your automobiles. That means more wear and tear, more spills, and more muddy shoe encounters.

After you acquire your dream truck, upgrading the floor mats is an essential first step. If it isn’t, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to get in front of damage.

More than likely, you plan to get many years of use out of your truck, but don’t underestimate the importance of planning ahead. The better you take care of your truck’s interior now, the higher its resale value will be when you are ready to upgrade to something new.

For consumers in the digital age, researching products before making a purchase is second nature. This guide will leave you better equipped to make the most informed decision about choosing custom floor mats.

An Automobile Flooring Solution that Fits Like a Glove

These days, trucks are like snowflakes – no two are exactly alike.

Furthermore, auto manufacturers are consistently implementing fresh designs on new models to keep up with the competition. Luckily, enhanced technology using 3D CAD modeling allows for the creation of perfect-fitting mats.

Laser-focused precision is important for the design of custom floor mats because it allows for 100% coverage. You will feel better about spending money on a product that is expertly engineered to meet the unique dimensions of your ride. By nature, floors attract dirt, and mats that span edge to edge ensure no unwanted substances slip through the cracks.

Custom Floor Mats for Trucks Offer Maximum Durability

With smoother riding experiences, larger cab sizes and plenty of four-door options, more households are opting for pickup trucks as their main source of family transportation.

This lends itself to more passengers and thus more opportunities to track in unwanted gunk.

With female truck buyers increasing 67 percent from 2008-16, more women are opting to drive trucks. However, the pickup truck space is and always has been dominated by the working man.

Imagine steel-toed boots rubbing against the floor mat for the duration of every single work commute. Because heel pads are the most vulnerable part of a floor mat, Road Comforts’ products make this area extra thick – for a longer-lasting, comfortable driving experience.

Say Goodbye to Slippage for Good

One of the age-old floor mat complaints is the way they slip around the floorboard. Another is how the corners curl up as time goes by, never to return to a flat resting position. Most factory floor mats are flimsy, and the longer they are in the car, the less stable they become.

One of the benefits of Road Comforts’ custom weighted floor mats is that, while flexible, they keep their shape and stay in place. In fact, each mat weighs an average of four pounds, meaning each set ranges from 16-20 pounds. An anti-slip backing provides additional protection.

Not only do the floor mats stay firmly planted in their intended position, but so do your feet! Road Comforts’ rubber-like mat material provides an anti-slip grip. Additionally, when liquids make their way south of the seats, the deep-grooved channels catch it, so shoes remain unscathed.

Material Matters

Thick and durable are the Road Comforts’ floor mats, but the material used to create these products are also key.

If you go with Road Comforts’ mats, you will have peace of mind knowing the products are eco-friendly. The TEP Thermoplastic Elastomer compound offers the texture and benefits of rubber – without harming the environment. It is also odorless, which helps maintain the integrity of your “new car” scent (or under-the-seat cherry fragrance you indulge in at your local car wash).

What Sets Road Comforts Custom Floor Mats Apart?

In addition to the affordability of the products, and a lifetime warranty, a fresh and modern aesthetic accommodates everyone. There are more than 2,000 models available, so you’re in luck whether you drive a Ford, Toyota, Nissan or other make.

Road Comforts is your go-to custom mat headquarters. When you are ready to make your specialized purchase, shop with the brand that has earned a reputation as a trusted and innovative retailer.

Contact us to learn more about Road Comforts custom-fit floor mats for your truck.