3 Awesome Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Custom Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

Tesla floor mats

Tesla Model 3 Car Mats

Tesla Model 3 is a remarkable vehicle. It’s a pure electric car that accelerates from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, has all-wheel drive to navigate even the trickiest driving conditions, and has a 310-mile range per charge. It’s also a sweet-looking ride, inside and out, with a front-to-back glass roof and a cockpit that’s built around the driver. It even has a 15-inch touchscreen for all the driver controls that eliminates traditional dials and gauges to create a unique open feel inside.

If you’re the proud owner of Model 3 you want to protect it from the elements and keep it looking as pristine today as it was the day it was delivered. That means regular soft car washes, of course, but it also means keeping the inside clean from dirt and mud and anything else you might track in.

That’s where floor mats come in. Yes, you got the stock mats from Tesla when you purchased the car, and they’re nice-enough looking. That’s all they are, however. They look okay and they do an average job of protecting the floor of your fancy new car.

As a Tesla owner, however, you want better than just mediocre. You want the added protection and style that a set of custom floor mats can provide. You want floor mats that deliver Tesla level performance and aesthetics for your Tesla Model 3 – one of the most unique automobiles on the road today.

Why should you invest in custom floor mats from Road Comforts for your vehicle? Here are three awesome reasons why Tesla Model 3 floor mats should be your next purchase.

Floor Mats Make Your Tesla Easier to Clean

The main reason most people buy custom floor mats for any vehicle is they help to keep the floor of your car clean. Regular cloth material seems to absorb dirt and get muddier over time.

Road Comforts’ custom floor mats are made from a thick, rubbery compound that repels water, mud, and other contaminants. The surface is molded into easy-to-clean grooved channels that direct liquids and spills away from your feet to the base of the mat.

Even better, you don’t have to vacuum or try to wash the mud out of these mats, as you would with traditional cloth materials. Just remove the mats from your vehicle, dump out the dirt, leaves, and other foreign matter, and then rinse them off. It’s as easy at that.

Bottom line—these custom floor mats are designed to keep your Tesla clean.

Floor Mats Protect Your Tesla

In addition to making it easier to clean your Tesla, Road Comforts’ Tesla Model 3 floor mats actually protect your expensive new vehicle. Instead of letting the carpet in the cockpit absorb all the dirt and grime and whatever else is on the bottom of your shoes, these floor mats take all that abuse instead.

Slush? Mud? Oil? Bubblegum? Instead of rubbing all this gunk into the carpet, the rubberized floor mats serve as a much-needed protective barrier.

With Road Comforts’ floor mats you no longer have to worry about stains and wear-and-tear. The floor mats protect the floor of your car from anything you can throw at it. Even better, by protecting your car’s interior, these mats actually increase the long-term value of your car.

Floor Mats Make Your Tesla Look Even Better

Everybody knows that floor mats offer added protection for your Tesla’s classy interior. Even better, Road Comforts’ custom-fit floor mats make your car’s interior look even better.

There’s no denying that the Tesla Model 3 has one of the best-looking cockpits on the road today. One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve those looks is to add a set of custom floor mats. These are great-looking with a 100% laser cut to provide a perfect edge-to-edge fit for the exact floor plan and footwell areas of your vehicle. They look like they were custom designed just for your car – because they are.

Road Comforts’ custom-fit floor mats are both functional and beautiful. They’re every bit as stylish as your Tesla Model 3 – and offer superior protection, as well.

Invest in Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats from Road Comforts

When you want to make your Tesla Model 3 easier to clean, more durable, and a bit more stylish, turn to custom-fit floor mats from Road Comfort. Our mats are made from high-quality TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer, a rubber-like compound that’s odorless and environmentally friendly. Each mat has a grippy, rubbery texture that stays flexible throughout its entire lifetime. They won’t crack, curl, or harden—even in extreme heat or cold.

In addition, our custom floor mats feature easy-to-clean grooved channels and individually molded underside ribs. The design is functional yet modern—tough in a subtle kind of way. These mats will make your Tesla Model 3 look better while offering superior protection from anything your shoes and boots track in. There is no faster and better way to add protection and style to your Tesla.

Contact us to learn more about Road Comfort’s custom-fit floor mats for your Tesla Model 3.