3 Reasons Every SUV Needs All-Weather Floor Mats

SUV all weather floor mats

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You have driven off the car lot in the SUV of your dreams. Inevitably, your freshly vacuumed carpet will begin to magnetize debris in no time.

If the floor in your new ride is not carpeted, the shiny ground will soon fade with skid marks and other mysterious particles taking its place. That is, of course, if you don’t take precautions.

There is one important thing you should do as soon as you purchase a new SUV, and the same applies if you are already driving one. Make an investment in all-weather floor mats.

If you drive a sports utility vehicle, all-weather floor mats are more than a luxury – they are the auto accessory you simply can’t live without. Here are four reasons why every SUV needs all-weather floor mats.

  1. Dirty Floors Are Unavoidable

No vehicle’s floor is immune to spills, dirt, mud, gunk, lint or [insert unwanted substance here]. The first time it rains, your floor mats will become a haven for mud and murky water. When the season changes to fall, debris from crunchy leaves will transfer from shoe to floor.

A clean exterior keeps your SUV looking good on the road, but having a clean and clutter-free inside space is also important. You wouldn’t neglect sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the floors inside your home, so why would your SUV be any different?

Fortunately, motorized vehicles are at an advantage when it comes to protecting floors. That’s because custom floor mats can be precisely measured to cover every square inch of the baseboard.

If you order floor mats from Road Comforts, you will also enjoy a grippy texture with underside nibs that keep the mats in place. The heavyweight of the products helps them stay situated, keeping the underlying floor unexposed and protected.

  1. SUVs Could Attract More Unwanted Grime Than Cars

From seating and cargo capacity to enhanced safety features, there are many reasons why more people are opting to buy sport utility vehicles.

Chances are if you drive an SUV, you are living life to the fullest and going on adventures with family and friends along to enjoy the ride.

However, some of the unique features of an SUV can make it more vulnerable to a dirty interior. If you have ever strapped a kayak to the roof of your SUV, for example, this applies to you. A day spent at the river means a greater likelihood you will track outdoor elements inside.

Many SUVs these days are being specially engineered to endure off-roading experiences such as climbing rocks, crossing streams and effortlessly moving across patches of mud. The only negative aspect to overcoming such obstacles is that they go hand-in-hand with dirt.

In addition, more space equals more passengers. That means more pairs of shoes are tracking things in. It also means more drinks are making their way inside that have the potential to spill. The list goes on.

Your SUV is likely one of your biggest investments, so protecting it should be a top priority. All-weather floor mats make the experience of owning your vehicle more enjoyable while also helping it maintain its value.

  1. All-Weather Floor Mats Help Keep Germs at Bay

Many people purchase SUVs because they are the ideal option for a family vehicle. That’s because the space of an SUV offers a more comfortable experience for family vacations. There is also more room to pack in luggage, sports gear and other necessities.

Anyone who has experience with kids knows they are not as careful as adults when it comes to making messes. By nature, they are also less likely to pick up after themselves. When your children’s friends ride along, the risk is exacerbated. Because cars are packed full of germs, keeping them to a minimum is paramount to your family’s well-being.

Many people find rubber floor mats to be a more sanitary solution because you can rinse them off with ease. Melted chocolate and Cheetos crumbs are no match for all-weather floor mats. They are preferred in terms of cleanliness because carpet mats hoard dirt. Even the best car wash vacuum cleaners are not able to suck it all up.

While many floor mat options are made out of rubber, the selection at roadcomforts.com offers a more environmentally friendly solution. Although the material feels like and provides all the benefits of rubber, it is actually a high-quality rubber-like compound called TPE Thermoplastic Elastomer.

Unlike rubber, the compound is also odorless. Kids and smells often go hand in hand. If a sippy cup of milk spills and spoils, you need something that is easy to clean.

The fundamental design of Road Comfort’s mats offers groove channels for directing liquids and spills away from foot areas to the base of the mat. This feature makes them more effortless to clean and prevents further tracking.

When you are in the market for custom, all-weather floor mats, browse the large variety of options at roadcomforts.com. We have laser-cut options to fit hundreds of makes and models, offering optimal protection for your SUV.